Our Story

Our Story

Meet your Kingdom and Cruise founders Jennifer, Juliana, and Lori. Between us we have 9 children and 10 years of Disney Vacation Planning experience. We have planned hundreds of Vacations to Disney Destinations for all kinds of people with all kinds of wishes. It has been a privilege.

We are colleagues and friends who decided to share our friendship and our common love of Disney by starting our very own podcast dedicated to all things Disney.

But our enthusiasm for Disney is only part of our travel expertise. The whole world is a destination, and we plan adventures with our own families as often as we can.

So, we decided to share our passion that has spread from planning Disney Vacations to planning vacations to a range of destinations.

We pooled our collective Travel Planning Superhero Strength (and found other like-minded travel enthusiasts) to bring you Kingdom and Cruise Travel, LLC.

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