Free Travel Planning

How Can We Provide You FREE Vacation Planning?

It’s simple. Our vendors value our expertise and, as such, compensate us so that we can provide our guidance and expertise to make sure their guests experience the best of what their property has to offer.

Each vacation is built with a travel agent commission already added to the cost of the trip. Either you use a travel professional and that commission goes directly to them, or you do not and the vendor absorbs that cost.

Either way, you’re paying the same amount of money for your vacation, you are simply getting more value for your hard earned money by booking with a professional who is an expert in your destination.

Free Travel Planning

Jennifer helped plan a family vacation for us recently. There were single ladies like me and my cousin that wanted to go out and experience drinking around the world and other adult events. There was also my brother’s family who had two younger children. And my mother who is sensitive to the heat -- did I mention we were going in August! Jen was able to navigate all of our needs and work to arrange a trip that accomplished everyone’s wishes and goals for the trip!
Sarah P.
Clifton Park, NY